A study recently conducted at a leading American Research Institute provides factual proof of the remarkable effectiveness of Prescopodene. Prescopodene is one of the most effective weight loss supplements available, and the clinical trials prove it. Take a look at the results achieved with Prescopodene in the most recent 6 month clinical trial:
These amazing results were achieved without diet or exercise!
Prescopodene is one of the few dietary supplements that has been proven to work effectively in clinical trials to fight fat rapidly, safely and effectively.
A real breakthrough in weight loss, Prescopodene contains ingredients that aid people in super high-speed weight loss by creating a condition called thermogenesis. This is the process of burning fat and converting it into energy through heat production. By doing this, Prescopodene ignites your body's kilojoule and fat burning ability into high gear, so you lose fat fast.
Prescopodene can help you to:
  • Lose up to 37% of your body fat in just a few short weeks
  • Completely suppress your appetite in 7-10 minutes
  • Add a metabolic boost so dynamic that your body burns fat
    hour by hour, day by day, without any effort
Speeds up metabolism and promotes thermogenesis. Also increases energy levels and promotes fat oxidation.
Increases absorption of other ingredients to accelerate weight loss. Removes toxic compounds that are released when fat is metabolised.
Converts carbohydrates, protein and fat into energy. Also helps to increase energy levels.
This central nervous system stimulant elevates the body's metabolism for increased fat oxidation.
Found in bitter orange, this neurotransmitter and natural stimulant helps decrease appetite and increase fat breakdown.

Decreases appetite and increases number of kilojoules burned. Also aids in the digestive process.


Delays absorption of food, making it an effective appetite suppressant. Also stimulates the breakdown of fat for energy.
As a potent antioxidant, quercetin neutralises harmful free radicals and can help keep LDL ("bad") cholesterol from doing damage.
Helps kick start a sluggish thyroid and boost metabolism. Also aids in appetite suppression.
Promotes the production of serotonin, neurotransmitters that may relieve depression, anxiety, and ADD.
Helps metabolise protein and carbohydrates. Also aids in the conversion of glycogen to glucose for energy in muscle
Converts carbohydrates into glucose, which is then "burned" to produce energy. Helps with metabolism and synthesis of proteins and fats.
"After testing Prescopodene on patients at the Obesity Research Clinic I can unequivocally say that Prescopodene produced results 9 times greater than any other tested supplement. Over a 90 day testing period utilising Prescopodene on 297 patients, an average weight loss of 8 kilograms was recorded with the lowest weight loss measured 4.1 kilograms, and the highest 14.5 kilograms. I thoroughly recommend Prescopodene to anyone interested in losing weight quickly and safely."

Dr. Robert Johnson, Ph D.

I recently saw an article on Prescopodene in a health and fitness magazine. The journalist who wrote the article said she had personally tried it and had lost something like 7 kilograms in 3 weeks. That was good enough for me. I ordered the same day, and now 17 weeks later I have gone from 84kgs to 57kgs. I have come a long way, and I thank Prescopodene for it. It really has changed my life. Thanks for making this one of the happiest years of my life."
- Jemma Smith